Adding a Flash Banner to Your Joomla site

Many a Joomla!™ web designer website owner has come across the problem of implementing a Flash banner into their website. Some have even given up on this idea after reading up on the difficulties encountered by others. With The Flash Module this all becomes a simple three step process. No more having to hard code into the index file and still wonder why it's not working as it should. All it takes is three simple steps.


You should at this stage have already created you Flash banner with your favourite application and generated ,
  • yourflash.swf
  • yourflash.html
Upload the yourflash.swf to a location in your Joomla images directory for easy reference.


Download Flash Module and install it in the usual way. Open it up with the Joomla Module Manager and have a look at the parameters that you need to set up. The three most important are the file path, file name and the object id. I have hilighted the object id in red to show what is needed to be entered in the object id parameter setting. This will be found in the generated html file.



Once you have set up the parameters enable the module to the pages you want it to display on and set it to the desired postion on the template, like the header or logo position and save. Preview your frontpage and test. Congratulations ! You should now have successfully added a flash header to your Joomla site.

One more thing , do not forget to rate and comment on the Joomla extensions site. The developers have really made this easy for you, and me, and need your vote.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010 Posted in Tutorials

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