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What you can expect in the next release.

I have had some great feedback from some users and some who would like to use Super Booking on their ZOO sites so here is Super Booking module for ZOO. The package currently includes 3 Forms.

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The release offers ;

  • 3 Forms, suitable for Hotel Bookings, Car Bookings or a simple date based booking.
  • ZOO Item dates are automatically used as the Email subject.
  • Any number of forms on a page.
  • Global or per Items settings for email recipients, butto colors, from titles etc...
  • Choice of 10 Button Colors for the forms Call to Action button. All you have to do it add the color in the parameter at item level, green, blue, yellow, breen, magenta, red, orange, grey, white, black .
  • Option to set a custom Title for Super Contact on individual items at Item Level, so if you have a Directory listing as an example, you could have "Tom's Tailors" have their form with title "Tom's Tailors" and "Harry's Hardware" have their own title on their form.
  • Added a Telephone field that is not required to be filled in for the form to be submitted. It is optional so the visitor can decide whether to fill in it or not.
  • Added option to set the PopUps width, to accommodate the longer Placeholder words that occur with some translations. I do not recommend going over 400px.

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